Commercial Solutions for BioTech

BioTechForce a quick-start out of the box solution to support a biotech company’s commercial journey. Over 15 years ago StratusG was the first company to implement into the regulated biotech industry. Since then we have completed hundreds of projects and offer that experience in the quick-start package, resulting in a state of the art implementation that will save you both time and cost.

Simplified Cloud Solutions for Biotech Include:

Sales Process Right out of the box we help you simplify your sales process and increase your sales efficiency. Our biotech experience is focused on biotech best practices, including: Quick call logging on any device, real-time reporting and dashboards (operational, managerial and executive), territory alignment, field coaching reports, marketing collateral management, training and continuous process improvement.
Medical Affairs We help automate the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) development. Simplify your processes resulting in more advocates and 3rd party validations. Our expertise in systems automation and medical affairs processes efficiently fulfills your call logging and reporting requirements. Includes: MSL questionnaires, automated medical information requests.
Distribution Management Our solutions provide clean concise reporting for easy tracking of key requirements. To simplify your data with out of the box business insights and compensation milestone tracking. BioTechForce helps to efficiently track the convoluted GPO requirements and directly navigate the payer processes. Including: GPO management, reimbursements, logistics and tracking, contract milestones, government affairs.
System Integrations We understand systems integration requirements with numerous disparate enterprise applications. Our expertise makes it seamless to integrate SSO warehouse, unique identifier tracking, ITSM, customs solutions, and numerous other solutions. Including: Compensation tracking, open payments compliance, unique identifier tracking (DEA, NPI), ITSM (Remedyforce), Outlook, custom solutions, data compliance, document management, adverse events, and many other systems.
Other Solutions Numerous disparate enterprise applications and systems can be extremely difficult to integrate during your sales process implementation. We have over two decades of experience implementing industry best practices. Contract approval & management, grant management solutions, chain of custody (COC), chain of identity (COI), marketing collateral tracking, Lightning upgrade, access data on all devices, and much more.

StratusG, for over 25 years we have supported our clients in the biotechnology vertical with IT strategy/roadmaps, compliance, tactical plans, process design, and execution. Our proven BioTechForce quick-start methodology captures your organization's specific requirements, leverages our implementation and development expertise to deliver the best solution for your BioTech organization.

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