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Moving forward requires knowledge, not just information

Is your organization's documentation a nightmare to navigate? Are there multiple versions of documents leading to confusion about which one is the most current or relevant? Do you feel valuable time is wasted in searching for content instead of creating new content?

While electronic documentation and file repository systems are now commonplace, critical time is still spent looking for information or creating silos of duplicative data. With businesses seeking to do more with less, knowing where to find good information is fast becoming a competitive advantage. For content management to truly be effective, you need to design and refine the business rules, metadata, taxonomy, and document workflows specifically for your business. And then, most importantly, you must make sure that these workflows are accepted and used by your enterprise.

At StratusG, we design business processes and implement computerized systems that facilitate document management and collaboration for our clients. Get in touch with us to learn how we can transform your documentation set into a competitive advantage.