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Secure your data, secure your enterprise

Are you frustrated with the amount of effort it takes to demonstrate compliance to auditors & regulatory agencies? Does your organization perceive compliance to be a resource drag and time sink instead of a benefit to the company?

StratusG has developed a methodology that provides a holistic approach to meeting compliance and control requirements. Our consultants understand the main goal of the IT department, as well as the core goal of compliance. We can help develop a single approach to all your compliance needs, whether they are SOX, PCI, GBL, or Privacy. Additionally, we can lower the total cost of performing IT audits and decrease the IT organization manpower requirements to prepare for audits.

StratusG consultants work with your IT managers to fully understand all of your compliance requirements. We then design processes and procedures to ensure that you meet these requirements, and that you can easily generate the relevant evidence to satisfy your auditor's needs. With our consultants working for you, your IT organization can focus on day-to-day operations, instead of responding to audit requests. Call now to begin the process of discovering how your organization can benefit from strategic data security and IT compliance.