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Lead your opportunities to close

Are you worried that your sales efforts are going unnoticed? Do you have a secure and usable repository for your account contacts? Perhaps you already have a CRM system, but need more/better functionality with drip marketing or reporting?

The sales cycle can be challenging and volatile. Leads are either self-generated through networking or acquired at cost. They must then be nurtured into opportunities— and only the best opportunities become customers. This process takes time, resources, and considerable effort. On average, it takes 7 touches for a sale to occur.

Retaining customers is even more important than generating new ones. According to a prominent sales & marketing study, repeat customers spend up to 67% more than new customers. Their loyalty has an additional multiplier effect that can cause sales to skyrocket: after 10 purchases, the repeat customer has already referred up to 7 people to your business.

In challenging economic times, every lead and contact becomes priority one. Having a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) toolset and technical support system for your sales force is crucial. StratusG understands the specific needs of a sales force and has successfully implemented solutions that increase sales force efficiency, reporting, and revenue. We have an intimate understanding of the leading systems in the CRM space and are a preferred provider of professional services.

Don't just follow your opportunities, lead them. Let StratusG show you how our CRM approach can increase returns on your sales efforts.

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