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StratusG is a biotechnology consulting firm with over two decades of experience. We work with business executives and other decisions makers in the biotech, medical device, and other life sciences industries to deliver on projects of all sizes.

StratusG supports your journey thru research, development, and implementation with IT roadmaps/strategies, compliance, business process optimization, system selection, and implementation.

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At StratusG we pride ourselves on defining strategies and delivering solutions that translate to tangible commercial success for our clients in the biotech industry. We remove roadblocks and provide companies with the infrastructure, compliance, and processes they need.

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No matter where your organization is currently positioned: growing, embarking on new initiatives or currently facing commercial roadblocks, we have the expertise to move your organization forward.



Leveraging BioTechForce — an out-of-the-box solution powered by cloud-based Salesforce — StratusG supports a biotech company’s entire commercial journey by capturing an organization’s specific requirements for successfully bringing a drug to market. As the first company to implement Salesforce in the regulated biotech industry 15 years ago, StratusG ensures the combined effect of Salesforce and our BioTechForce solution serves both the commercial and regulatory requirements of biotech organizations. LEARN MORE

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Salesforce for Biotech

Whether your instance of Salesforce.com is new to the organization or a "mature" Salesforce.com system with months' or years' worth of data, having an experienced Salesforce.com analyst & administrator at the helm is invaluable. Our team of Salesforce.com analysts & administrators is able to readily assess and recommend approaches to simplify and streamline your Salesforce.com deployment. We work side-by-side with business owners and subject matter experts to deliver a usable and scalable Salesforce.com system that is a valued tool for growing your business. LEARN MORE

IT Strategy Services

System selection design & implementation

Well-presented plans and strategies are essential to successful organizations, but an understanding of the details surrounding work practices, data flow, and personnel is equally imperative. At StratusG, we take this notion to heart. Our consultants understand the importance of business systems analysis as a discipline, and they also understand how it fits into the big picture. StratusG helps clients articulate, document, and re-engineer business processes that optimize the resources currently at hand. LEARN MORE


"In all my years of implementing CRM and commercial systems in biotech companies I have never seen anything close to the elegant system that StratusG built for us on the Saleforce.com platform. Simple blown away."

~ VP Commercial Operations, Dendreon

"StratusG provided the best project management methodology I have ever seen, we leveraged their expertise for over a decade"

~ Vice President of Information Technology ZymoGenetics

"The eQMS project was not only delivered on time and on budget, but was a huge win for our team. They had deep respect of our time and requirements. Their years of experience enabled us to hit the road running at faster velocity than I have ever experience. Most importantly the system was built to scale."

~ VP Global Quality Systems

"Best consulting team ever. What differentiates them is they care! We ended up building a long term positive relationship with StratusG and our cross functional teams.  They ended up being the conduit of understanding our business.  Highly recommend."

~ Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

"The team worked very fast and I (as a client) was quite pleased of the professional approach of the StratusG team. I would recommend StratusG to anyone in need of top-notch IT consulting."

~ Senior Systems Analyst Seattle Genetics

We Expedite Drug Commercialization with Ground-breaking Methodology

Drug commercialization has always been a daunting challenge for the biotech industry. Since biotech companies generally do not have any net revenue until their drugs are approved, they run on tight budgets with the assumption and anticipation the drugs will gain approval sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, all too often, the regulatory approval process is delayed, then suddenly, when the time comes for approval, biotech companies find themselves in a fix. We will help you overcome the hurdles!

Seattle-based StratusG addresses these challenges supporting a wide range of clients across the biotechnology vertical with IT roadmaps, commercialization plans, process design, compliance, and strategies supported by IT systems. 

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