Immunotherapy, CAR-T, and Gene Therapy

StratusG has worked with a multitude of customers, including with contract drug manufacturing organizations (CDMO) often hired by immunotherapy and Gene Therapy companies to manufacture drug product. StratusG understands the tremendous importance of managing and evidencing the end-to-end chain of identity (COI) and chain of custody (COC) of every single unique batch or lot of autologous drug product.

StratusG has worked with customers to implement leading commercial off the shelf COI/COC software products and we have helped our customers define, develop, and implement custom COI/COC solutions for both clinical trials and commercial products. No matter where your organization is in the development COI/COC processes and IT solutions, StratusG has been there and can provide value.

StratusG has also worked with the two leading COI/COC software product providers to help them to refine their product offerings to be more applicable to the rapidly growing immunotherapy sector.

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